Who doesn’t love and look forward to summer holidays?! Long days at the beach, warm nights with never-ending dinners with family and friends, no track of time, the smell of the ocean, the smell of Jasmine flowers, barefoot all the time… can you picture it? Our two-week holidays are soon to come, and we are…… Continue reading Holidays


We spent a week in Normandy, in a beautiful house rented through Air BnB. Normandy is a northern region of France, known for its famous coastline, including Omaha Beach and Juno Beach, where the D-Day landing occurred during the World War 2. Our house was between Caen and Deauville, in a little town called Varaville.…… Continue reading Normandy

Travelling with your favourite products!

Following the last post where I talked about travelling with baggage and weight limit, nowadays you start seeing more brands selling travel size products (under 100ml).  So just a few tips… Rituals has a wide selection of products, that you can buy either loose, or in a ready made pack, which is great. Tiny Rituals…… Continue reading Travelling with your favourite products!


If only packing were easy…. and when you have baggage and weight limits to look to. Nightmare.  Living in London means that any holidays we do, we will definitely be flying. And thank goodness, when we’re flying with kids, they are entitled to their own bag.  Have you ever seen at the airports, little kids…… Continue reading Packing


Hoje fomos a Brighton. Aproveitar que estava mais fresquinho, e passear.  Apanhámos o comboio, a depois de uma hora e pouco de viagem, lá chegámos. O tempo estava completamente diferente de Londres. Chuviscos, vento, uma humidade terrível. Quem passa férias na Foz do Arelho, Baleal, São Martinho, deve saber exactamente o que é esse tempo.…… Continue reading Brighton