The Power of Amber

Have you ever heard about Amber necklaces for kids? Amber is a fossilised tree resin, and it is known for its natural healing properties. And, in kids, it soothes and calms down any symptoms of teething. I've always heard about, it but it was only since last year that I have tried it. Constança was…… Continue reading The Power of Amber

Hold them tight

One of the (many) things you are constantly worried about, when you become a mother for the first time, is how much you can hold your baby. You get affraid of holding them too much that they will become needy.  What makes you want to hold them? Their cry, their discomfort, knowing how unprotected and…… Continue reading Hold them tight


I breastfead for 5, almost 6 months. That was my goal. It was something I always wanted to experience, and when I became pregnant it became clear. Throughout your pregnancy you hear everything, everyone has opinions, everyone shares their experiences. Women who had bad experiences. Women who decide to breastfeed until their babies are one…… Continue reading Breastfeeding 

London baby #1

Dia 10 de Setembro de 2015 o meu maior sonho tornou-se realidade.  Fiz um primeiro teste no dia anterior que deu positivo,  mas achamos melhor repetir.  Foi uma felicidade enorme!  Se há coisa que sinto, e é das poucas coisas que tenho a certeza absoluta, é que fui posta nesta terra para ser Mãe.  Já…… Continue reading London baby #1