Find the Balance

I have always believed that our life should be lived in this order of priorities…You are first YOU, secondly a WIFE, and then a MOTHER.What do I mean with this? You should never forget and change who you are, and never forget to focus on your other 'roles' and find a balance in life.When you…… Continue reading Find the Balance


Who doesn’t love and look forward to summer holidays?! Long days at the beach, warm nights with never-ending dinners with family and friends, no track of time, the smell of the ocean, the smell of Jasmine flowers, barefoot all the time… can you picture it? Our two-week holidays are soon to come, and we are…… Continue reading Holidays


We spent a week in Normandy, in a beautiful house rented through Air BnB. Normandy is a northern region of France, known for its famous coastline, including Omaha Beach and Juno Beach, where the D-Day landing occurred during the World War 2. Our house was between Caen and Deauville, in a little town called Varaville.…… Continue reading Normandy

Hold them tight

One of the (many) things you are constantly worried about, when you become a mother for the first time, is how much you can hold your baby. You get affraid of holding them too much that they will become needy.  What makes you want to hold them? Their cry, their discomfort, knowing how unprotected and…… Continue reading Hold them tight


I breastfead for 5, almost 6 months. That was my goal. It was something I always wanted to experience, and when I became pregnant it became clear. Throughout your pregnancy you hear everything, everyone has opinions, everyone shares their experiences. Women who had bad experiences. Women who decide to breastfeed until their babies are one…… Continue reading Breastfeeding 

Travelling with your favourite products!

Following the last post where I talked about travelling with baggage and weight limit, nowadays you start seeing more brands selling travel size products (under 100ml).  So just a few tips… Rituals has a wide selection of products, that you can buy either loose, or in a ready made pack, which is great. Tiny Rituals…… Continue reading Travelling with your favourite products!