It’s still hard to say goodbye

As I probably mentioned before, it’s been almost 5 years since we’ve been living in London. But we’re lucky to come from a country (Portugal) that is close enough to allow us to fly home a few times a year, although prices are a bit unbelievable even for those who claim to be low cost. Anyway….

Any person who lives abroad knows that when you go home, you spend most of the time visiting family and friends, with lunches and dinner parties everyday. Sometimes it can even be too much and a bit exhausting, more so when you have a baby. Don’t want to be unappreciative, because you do want to be with everyone, but you also want to enjoy that time to relax. They are supposed to be holidays…

When you do enjoy the time you spend in your country, you enjoy the best that it has to give you. Beautiful cities, beautiful beaches, great weather, amazing food… every place you re visit, every bite you eat, all the recognisable smells and sounds… it’s home. And this is what you love about it. And what you deeply miss.

The curious thing is, you never stay long enough to re live the “bad” things that made you decide to live and work abroad.

It’s normally on your last days of holidays that you live in a turmoil of feelings. Should I follow my heart? Or should I do the smart thing? You need to put everything on scale and see what is more important… sacrifice a few years of family and friends and focus on your career, or stay close to your friends and family in a country with few opportunities.

At the end of the day, what are a few years of your life away from your family/friends? Nothing (and trust me, it’s not easy to say nothing, but it’s a fact). It goes so fast! And because we know exactly our goals and what we want to achieve, that makes us more focused to work hard! And maybe, by achieving those goals sooner we might be able to go back home. Who knows?! Focus and determination are key, and the faith that what we are doing will give us a future we wish for.

But it’s still hard to say goodbye…

Mary *

4 thoughts on “It’s still hard to say goodbye

  1. Awesome post. Great writing. It’s so direct and completely understand your thoughts, I have been there and I know how it feels. Great content !! ūüĎćūüėä

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  2. √Č sempre dif√≠cil dizer adeus. Diria apenas, at√© j√°….. uma vez que o tempo voa e quando dermos por ele, j√° passou e o mais importante √© que tenha valido a pena. De certeza que sim….. vale sempre a pena….

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