A perfect day

We got married 3 years ago, in Alenquer (Portugal).

It was the most perfect day!

I woke up quite early, overloaded with excitement. It was a beautiful summer day.
The ladies of the house, and myself, headed to the hairdresser, to have our hair and make up done. It was a lovely morning, with a nice breakfast, and just some girl time before heading to the venue.

We got dressed in the main house, in a beautiful room prepared for the bride. I had my bridesmaids and my close family there with me, making a memory of every single moment of that special day.
Once I was ready, my brother and mother took me to the church, where my dad would take me to my future husband.

It was a ceremony filled with happiness. You could see people just smiling with the most honest and purest of smiles. Amazing!

We left in an old convertible Volkswagen Golf, driven by my uncle, while we enjoyed a beer.

Once back in the venue, we gathered to enjoy the gorgeous sunset, while having some cocktails, and taking some family photos. Soon after all the guests started entering the dinning room, and our close friends stayed back so we could make a special entrance.

After cutting the cake, and toasting, we stepped outside because a surprise was prepared for us. It started with a song, written by my brother, and sang by him, my sister and my cousin. Really really sweet! I wasn’t expecting it at all. But, that was followed by another surprise, organised by both our families… This is it!

Happy Surprise Maria&Diogo 2014

Cherry on top of the cake? Fireworks!!!


We danced and had so much fun! We had everyone who was important to us sharing this amazing day! The feeling is indescribable, as if you are high in happiness! Does that make sense? It all went smoothly. Every wedding has “hickups”, but the important thing is to enjoy the moment, because it is unique, and it goes really fast!

SOON I will share with you what it is like to plan a wedding from a distance!

Some details:

Venue – Quinta da Taipa, Alenquer

Dress – Penhalta

And a special mention to the best photographer I have met, Madalena Tavares, who made this day possible to re live again and again through her beautiful photos. I can’t thank her enough, and if you are looking for a photographer, I definitely recommend her! Check out her website.


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