How it all began… you and me

It all started in 2006, when we were set up by a couple friend of ours. We went out for a drink with a group of friends, and we clicked immediately.
In the following weeks we went on dates, and Diogo asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend! So old school but so romantic too. Loved it! And obviously I said yes!

That moment was the start of our lives together.

(Photo by Madalena Tavares Photography)

We became really good friends, "buddies for life". We grew together, shared good and bad moments, overcame obstacles and built an even stronger relationship.

We both shared the dream of getting married and have kids, but we never found the right moment.

In 2013, living in separate countries, me in London e he was in Lisbon, that dream, that wish became more clear and certain. And so it happened….
In October of that year, we met "half way", in Paris, and when visiting the beautiful gardens of Versailles, he popped the question!

After we said our goodbyes, we went our own way, but with the excitement of what was coming… a future together.
We did all the planning from London, and on July 26th, the most perfect day happened! (I'll write a post just about the weeding)

This year we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, and 11 years that we've been together.

Here's to us my love, may we continue living the lives we always dreamed of together!

Mary *

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