We spent a week in Normandy, in a beautiful house rented through Air BnB.

Normandy is a northern region of France, known for its famous coastline, including Omaha Beach and Juno Beach, where the D-Day landing occurred during the World War 2.


Our house was between Caen and Deauville, in a little town called Varaville. Very calm area, 5 minute walk from the beach, which is ideal when you have small kids. It had a lovely garden where we could hang out in the evening.

You have local supermarkets like Carrefour, or the typical Boulangerie (bakery), where you can buy delicious baguettes and pain au chocolat.

How to get here:

You can fly to Deauville-Normandie (although there are very few weekly flights), or to Paris (Beauvais, Orly or Charles de Gaulle), and then drive to your chosen location. Renting a car is definitely the best way to visit all the sites and attractions.

If you are travelling from the UK, you still have the option of ferries, which can make a pleasant and different trip.

Main sites and attractions:

  • Rouen – Known for its medieval cathedral.
  • Mont Saint-Michel – A medieval monastery on tiny island.
  • Honfleur – A beautiful ancient port.
  • D-Day Landing Beaches – Famous beaches that were an important stage during WW2.
  • Giverny – Here you’ll find the famous water-lily ponds painted in Monet’s several canvases.
  • Bayeaux – Where you can see the famous tapestry in the beautiful romanesque cathedral.


If you need more tips leave a comment or send a message.

Good trip!

Mary *






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